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Pentland Coop Extra Long Run – 4 to 6 Birds
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Pentland Coop Extra Long Run – 4 to 6 Birds


Pentland Coop Extra Long Run – 4 to 6 Birds



  • Slide Out Platic Floor for Easy Cleaning
  • Easy Access Ramp
  • Water-Based Anti Fungicidal Treatment on Wood
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Built to Last
  • One nest box
  • Horizontal sliding door
  • Perches For Chickens


    • 8.2 FT x 2.4 FT x 3.3 FT or 250cm x 73cm x 100cm
    • Accommodates 4/6 Birds, as specified by RSPCA Guidelines
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Introducing the Pentland Coop


This handsome Coop will keep up to 6 Birds happy and content. The extra long run ensures that they have ample room for exercising and pecking for food.

Our stunning Pentland has been manufactured using only the strongest and best materials.

The front of the coop has a door for easy access, to enable you to easily clean your coop.

The side of the coop to the run has an access ramp to make it as easy as possible for your birds to get in and out effortlessly.


Taking Care of your Chicken Coop

  • We recommend using a high-quality wood preservative, varnish, roof sealer, or water repellant. Apply on the week of purchase and/or before heavy rain. Pay particular attention to all of the roof edges, eves, and all joints, this will waterproof your coop and prevent the wood from swelling.
  • It is important that you clean out the coop and treat the wood regularly, if this isn’t done, the wood can become brittle and unsightly.
  • Apply additional coats of wood preserver if the run is going to be kept outside.
  • To ensure your run continues to look great, position it in a protected area that is not fully exposed to the elements.
  • Remember to only use non-toxic, animal-friendly cleaning and treatment products.
  • Note: Regarding the published recommended number of birds per coop, the minimum number refers to birds the size of a Quail and the MAXIMUM refers to the size of an average Chicken, such as a Rhode Island Red

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