We have designed our hen homes with a metal floor at the bottom which makes cleaning out the coop a simple & easy job this ensures that the floor can be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis reducing the build up of any harmful bacteria

The front of our house chicken coops have a large door for easy access, with an access ramp to make it as easy as possible for your birds to get in and out effortlessly. We have added an adjustable 4 position vent at the top for extra ventilation, which is also an important feature of only our coops.

The nest box side section is swapable so you can have the nest box on the left or right and the wood is treated using a water based anti fungicidal animal and environment friendly stain. Buy the best chicken coop.


  • 120cm Width * 120cm Depth * 100cm Height
  • (47.2inches Width * 47.2inches Depth * 39.4inches Height)
  • 57cm Width * 36cm Depth * 30cm Height