Pet Dog Crate with Bed – 3X Large

Pet Dog Crate with Bed – X Large is beneficial for both you and your pet. Dogs are pack animals by nature, and still maintain their natural desire to live in a den. A crate will not only provide your dog his own space, but is also a useful tool for house training, protection and transport.

Lightweight, sturdy and easy to clean, this Pet Dog Crate is one your dog will love with a comfy, warm bed for some cozy napping and chilling out with his toys.


  • Black scratch-resistant steel tray
  • Comfortable, warm fleece liner bedding
  • Used by breeders and vets
  • Long-lasting durable frame and mesh
  • Slide out tray
  • Quick and easy to clean

Large: 76*53*59cm

Extra Large: 91*60*66cm

Extra Extra Large: 107*71*77cm

Extra Extra Extra Large: 121*76*82cm