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Pet Presidential Cat Tree – Beige

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Pet Presidential Cat Tree – Beige

(4 customer reviews)


Pet Presidential Cat Tree – Beige: For the cat who’s gotta have it all, the premium Pet Presidential Cat Tree is a multi-level fun-filled wonderland for your pet.

With everything from activity toys, scratiching posts, multiple sleeping and resting zones, this pussycat playground is suitable for more than one cat, so if you have multiple pets or even having a feline friend over for a visit, then this is the perfect product that guarantees hours of kitty fun.


  • Multi-level scratching tree for your cats to rest and explore
  • Many activity toys
  • Suitable for more than one cat
  • Made from E1 grade bamboo fiber board
  • 25Kgs
  • 55x60x181cm

4 reviews for Pet Presidential Cat Tree – Beige

  1. LilyPatch

    My kittens love it!!!!!

  2. Tim

    Both my male cats love this.

  3. Gabriela CARRAWAY

    My cats love it. Is very well built and safe.

  4. Wiggy

    Our cats love it!!!!! My daughter assembled it! Great to see our kitties jumping and napping in it!

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