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Chester Chicken & Rabbit House and Run

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Chester Chicken & Rabbit House and Run


Feel Good UK’s brand new Chester chicken coop and run is the perfect choice for both novice and advanced chicken keepers. This spacious coop and run has several features designed to keep your birds happy but also to make cleaning and egg collection easy for you.

This coop is suitable for rabbits but we highly recommended that an additional extension pen is added, rabbits require large amounts of exercise and should have ample supervised time to hop free each day.

Wooden Chicken Coop and Run

The coop features 2 internal perches and an internal nest box. The coop can be accessed through the lift up roof, latched door to the main coop as well as through a smaller door which gives access to just the nest box. There is an individual door for the run area and a sliding door to lock the birds away at night keeping them safe. For your convenience there is also a slide out, galvanised tray to make cleaning the coop simple and easy.

  • 2 Internal Nesting Perches
  • Slide out cleaning Tray
  • Internal Nesting Box (accessed from the top or front door)
  • Night sliding door to lock your hens in
  • Large spacious side run
  • Optional 1.3m Extension Run can be purchased for this model

CH14 Coop and Run size:
Width 160cm
Depth 75cm
Height 80cm

Add the extension pen to extend the coop by a further 130cm taking the overall size upto 290cm

With Extension Pen the length increases from 160cm to 290cm



  • Includes slide out galvanised tray for easy cleaning.
  • Lift up roof for access.
  • Access to run at ground level.
  • Internal coop floor space is 64cm deep and 51cm wide, raised nestbox is 64cm deep and 28cm wide.
  • Internal nestbox with two nesting sections.
  • Extension run available – please see our chicken run page.
  • 2 x roosting perches inside the coop.
  • Sliding door to secure your birds overnight.
  • Tongue and Groove construction throughout.
  • Flat packed with all fittings and instructions.
  • Secure wire mesh and latches to help keep birds secure from predators.
  • Suitable for chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, quails and more.
  • See below for full specification and description – plus video build guide.


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