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Anchor Kit With Hot Spot Tape

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Anchor Kit With Hot Spot Tape

Anchor Kits with Anti Hot Spot Tape;

  • 8x 30cm long x 6mm thick steel pins
  • 4x Securing Down Brackets
  • 2x Rolls of Anti Hot Spot Tape

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The hot spot tape is placed on the roof hoops, during hot days it helps prevent the cover binding to the steel frame, preventing ware and increasing the life of your cover..

Depending on the size of your polytunnel and how exposed your area is we recommend the following fixing kit qty.

Garden Range – Polytunnel Kit Recommendation
1.25m Polytunnel – 1 Kit required
2.5m Polytunnel – 2 Kits required
3.75m Polytunnel – 2 Kits required
5m Polytunnel – 3 Kits required

Pro Range – Polytunnel Kit Recommendation
(PT3) 3m Polytunnel – 2 Kits required
(PT4) 4m Polytunnel – 2 Kits required
(PT6) 6m Polytunnel – 6 Kits required

Before fitting to our pro polytunnel range – please clean off any excess oil on the frame first.


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